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What is Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School?

The Riverside P.A.W. (Personalized Learning and Web-Enhanced Program) Cyber School is an educational learning environment designed to meet the needs of students who desire to pursue their education in a non‐traditional format.  The Riverside School District recognizes the value of distance learning and believes this learning must be held to the same standard of traditional schooling.  We maintain the belief that interaction with professional educators who take a vested interest in the well-being of their students truly extends learning to a higher level.  Because of this belief, the Riverside Cyber Academy offers a distance learning option that includes a variety of interactions with professional educators and guidance counselors while still providing opportunities to interact with peers of the students’ own ages all at the convenience of your busy schedules.

Why chose The Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School?

Flexibility--The Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School offers students and families the ultimate flexibility when it comes to deciding how they want their education process to work for them.  Students have the flexibility to choose their core courses as well as elective courses that fit their interests and future ambitions.  Our weekly attendance policy not only gives students the flexibility to decide what part of the day is most convenient for them to work, but also allows for families to make their academic schedule compatible with work and activity schedules in terms of what days of the week students will engage in schooling.

Maintained Contact with The Riverside School District--The Riverside School District has always believed strongly in the idea of our district maintaining a family atmosphere for our community.  One of the main goals of the Cyber Academy is to make sure that our cyber students always remain part of our school’s family, and feel like they are still part of the district.  Each student will have a support team that consists of the Cyber School Coordinator, Riverside teachers, a school guidance counselor, and a school administrator that will maintain constant contact with each cyber family.  Students and families will also be provided with an in-person “intake meeting”, which will provide an opportunity for the district to give each student an orientation to the computer program, as well as an opportunity to sit down with our counselors and coordinator to construct a course schedule that will lead them on the proper path to graduation.  In addition, choosing to remain part of the Riverside School district through our cyber program provides students with the ability to easily transition back into traditional schooling if desired.  Most importantly, choosing to enroll in the Riverside P.A.W Cyber School will enable each student to earn a public school diploma from the Riverside School District.

School-Provided Technology--All students will be provided with a school-issued laptop computer as well as mobile hotspots and internet access if needed.  The technology can be used by students for the entire duration of his or her enrollment in the cyber program and is provided at no cost to our families

Communication--Constant and meaningful communication with our cyber students and families is something that is extremely important to the success of our students.  The Riverside Online Learning Academy will provide each of our students and families with weekly communication from both our cyber teachers and Cyber Coordinator.  In addition, Edgenuity will provide each parent/guardian with daily reports detailing the progress of each student.   The website also includes a “Parent Portal” which allows parents to sign on to the website from any location to check the status of their child in real-time.  This feature is valuable to parents and guardians who would like to be able to check the progress of their child while they are at work during the day.

Easy Enrollment--Enrollment into The Riverside P.A.W. Cyber Program is fast, simple, and extremely convenient to our parents.  Families wishing to enroll their child into the program simply need to fill out a brief intake form found on this website, as well as email the Program Coordinator.  At this point, a  meeting will be scheduled with students and guardians to schedule courses, receive the student’s technology, and sign the necessary paperwork.  Upon completion of this meeting, students will be enrolled in our cyber program within 24 hours.

Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for The Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School?

Any current Riverside Student in grades K-12 is eligible for our Program!  Our online cyber school is free of charge to all Riverside families.  Enrollment is extremely easy, and can be completed by simply filling out the necessary forms and contacting our Cyber Coordinator.  Enrollment in the Riverside Online Learning Academy occurs on a quarterly basis, so our students will always have the option of returning to our brick and mortar campus at the beginning of each new quarter if they feel that option is best for them.

What if my child has an IEP or takes part in a Special Education Program?

The Riverside School District provides a Special Education Program in accordance with federal and state regulations and guidelines to ensure the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to all schoolage children in need of such services.  The Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School will adhere to the same policies and procedures as our traditional brick and mortar school.  Students with IEP's will be followed closely by one of our highly qualified Special Education teachers, as well as our district’s Director of Special Education.  The Cyber coordinator will meet with this team on a regular basis to ensure that your child’s IEP is being followed to the fullest extent.  Every accommodation that has been offered to our Special Education students in the past will continue to be offered in our cyber setting.

What program and curriculum will my child be learning from?

Secondary students in grades 6-12 of the Riverside P.A.W. Cyber School works in conjunction with the online learning program Edgenuity.  This program provides students with an opportunity to complete rigorous coursework from one the leading online learning programs in the nation.  Since 1998, over 4 million students have learned from Edgenuity and the program provides our students with hundreds of courses to choose from, all of which align with state standards and are accredited towards your child’s graduation.  Edgenuity offers our students a program that is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Program is also extremely easy to navigate through, even for families with little or no technology experience.


Our K-5 students will use Compass Learning (Edgenuity). This platform offers material in all of the core elementary content areas, and provides students and families with the opportunity to engage in interactive, age-appropriate lessons that closely match the Riverside K-5 curriculum. Compass Learning (Edgenuity) also allows our students to access the program 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Does the Riverside P.A.W. Cyber Program offer elective courses?

Yes!  Our cyber programs offers students access to over 20 elective courses including classes in the following areas:


*Computer Technology

*Graphic Design

*Psychology and Sociology

*Physical Education


*Career Planning

*Academic Achievement

Will my child be permitted to re-enroll back into a traditional classroom setting if we feel it is best?

Absolutely.  Students will be permitted to re enroll into our traditional classroom settings at any one of our quarter breaks.  Choosing to enroll in the Riverside P.A.W. Cyber program will make this transition extremely smooth and easy.  Upon enrollment into our program, your child will sit down with one of school guidance counselors or our Cyber Coordinator to construct a path towards graduation.  This path of courses runs in accordance with our traditional course path to ensure that each student has a smooth transition back to a traditional setting if at any time they choose to do so.

Is My Child still eligible to participate in Riverside extracurricular Activities?

Students enrolled in the Riverside P.A.W. Cyber Program are permitted to participate in all extracurricular activities and attend school dances, the Jr./Sr. prom, and assemblies scheduled for a school or grade level if eligible.  Please refer to the Student Handbooks for eligibility requirements and guidelines.  Riverside Online Academy students who are in the “Probationary Period” as outlined in the Academic Expectations are not eligible for these activities.