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RCEF Grant Information

General Information


The Riverside Community Education Foundation (RCEF) is a non-profit, charitable organization committed to providing special programs to enhance the life-long learning for all students and residents of the Riverside community.  The RCEF has offered scholastic enrichment for students beyond the core curriculum through grants provided to teachers in the amount of $300 to $500.  Since 1995, the RCEF has awarded grants totaling more than $45,000 to students and teachers of the district. 


Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications at the earliest time.  Grants in the possession of the RCEF will be reviewed and awarded on a first come basis.  Grant applications must be submitted and approved prior to the start date of the funded activity.  The RCEF may contact the applicant for additional information.  Applicants will be notified within one week of receiving the grant from the superintendent. Individual grants should be limited to $500 or less.


The RCEF encourages new ideas for grants.  Although the RCEF has supported repeating grants, no grants are assumed perpetual.  All grants must be reapplied for each year. 

Attached to this email is an application for an RCEF education grant.  The RCEF grants may be submitted online (preferred) or in hard copy form.  The completed application must be forwarded to your immediate principal for comments and approval.  If approved, the application will be forwarded to the school superintendent for his comments and approval.  Only the superintendent can pass the application over to the RCEF for review.  Applicants should allow sufficient time for review. 


Be complete with your information.  All grant applications must include:

  • Contact information of applicant
  • Project or event information – What is the purpose of the grant?  Who will it benefit?
  • Complete financial information – What does the money pay for?  Be very specific.
  • What are the criteria for success – What is necessary for the project or event to be successful?

Applicants of awarded grants will be required to submit receipts and documentation from the project or event.  If appropriate, photos and/or newspaper articles are highly recommended.

The Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank those contributors who make this grant process possible through their payroll deductions.

If you have additional questions, please contact the foundation at [email protected].


Thank you,

The Riverside Community Education Foundation (RCEF)