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Middle School News

Congratulations to Riverside Middle School Forensic Team

Congratulations to our Forensic Team for proudly representing the Riverside School District. A special thanks to Mrs. Prisuta for preparing our students for success. All of the students did an amazing job and represented Riverside with PRIDE!

Marlin Ondek – 1st Passion speech
Gena Pansera – 2nd passion speech
Skylar Minnette – 1st Extemporaneous and 2nd Passion speech
Samantha Rosenberger – 2nd Extemporaneous
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We are pleased to share a picture of our Students of the Month for February 2019. Each month our staff at Riverside Middle School nominates a male and female student representing each grade level for displaying the following positive values:

Caring – placing high value on helping other people.
Integrity – being honest and having strong moral principles.
Honesty – telling the truth even when it is not easy.
Responsibility – accepts and takes personal responsibility.

These students make school a top priority, work hard and try their best in all aspects of school. They look out for others and are excellent role models.
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Eighth Grade Science Receives Grant

Eighth Grade Science Teachers applied for and were awarded a school equipment grant in the amount of $434.44 from the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh. They were asked to explain how the equipment would be used and what the potential benefit to the students would be. Mr. Gonzales and Mrs. McGraw plan to use the money to purchase science equipment to enhance their instruction and accommodate their labs. Congratulations Mr. Gonzales and Mrs. McGraw!
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